Wall lights are the perfect alternative to overhead lights as they offer a much softer, ambient light. Placing multiple wall fixtures around the room will create a comfortable level of brightness, without glare, perfect for winding down in the evenings. Use a bulb with a warmer temperature for a cosy atmosphere and try to avoid shades with a focused beam as they won’t provide the general light desired.


Placing wall lights all around the room is not always feasible, however if you have a fireplace or other central element, you could frame the feature with fixtures, creating a pleasing symmetry. This technique can also work above sofas to balance the space. Additionally, it casts light evenly throughout the space which means everyone, wherever they’re sitting, will benefit.

Task Lighting

Perhaps the most obvious purpose for a wall light in the living room is a reading light. When planning your lighting layout, think about where you will need brighter lighting. An adjustable lamp is ideal for reading as you can angle it where needed and reposition for ambient light when it is not being used for tasking.


If you’re going for a muted, Scandinavian style interior, you will want to keep furniture to a minimum so wall lights are a great option. Floor and table lamps can be substituted for simple wall lights in brass or copper. These will add style and function to the room without cluttering the floor space. Perfect for smaller living rooms, our wall lights have shorter arms so will not dominate the area, maintaining the subtle and streamlined aesthetic.

Accent Light

Downlight wall art with small fixtures in muted tones. Picture lights are a timeless addition to traditional or contemporary interiors, used to highlight points of interest around the room. Choose fixtures that match your decor or go for a subtle style that does not detract from the artwork.